United In Prayer

All across the world lives have been disrupted by the coronavirus. We ask that you unite with us on a journey of spiritual rebirth. Together we will pray for those in need and share the fire of our spirits. We stand together in faith and keep our focus on the healing hope of the Cross.

May God bless you today,
Your Newman Connection Family
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Mylene H.

Pray that my husband gets his much deserved promotion

Pray for Mylene

Richard I.

Our Lord Jesus Christ shows mercy, and through one of his many glorious miracles brings this horrible situation to a close soon. Those that are afflicted may the Lord be with you, and have a speedy recovery.

Pray for Richard

Greg H.

For all Covid victims, and with a specific intention for immediate help to Josie W., who is desperately waiting for a liver transplant, and also just acquired Covid. For grace to overcome persistent sins

Pray for Greg

catherine H.

Pray for the financial burden that these closures have put on everyone, even some still working who usually work 2 jobs. We pray to the Lord.

Pray for catherine

John A.

Lost my job and desperately need prayer.

Pray for John

Cy K.

Pray that I will be called to be with my late husband in heaven soon and not have to be with widows who depress me Few are spiritual

Pray for Cy

William Z.

Asking for prayers for all priests. May they use this time of isolation from their parish families to draw closer to our Lord and may they be renewed and full of zeal to serve once our church doors are reopened. Let us pray to the Lord.

Pray for William

Deb B.

Please pray for my mother. She is 87 years old and living in a long term care facility. It is very nice, but they are on a lock down and have been for three weeks. Neither my sister or I have been able to visit. We can drop care packages, but she doesnt hear that well for phone conversations. She is not in the best of health, is wheelchair bound and lives with a lot of pain. My prayer is that this virus will not come into her care center, that her death, when willed by God, will be happy and peaceful. Thank you

Pray for Deb

Anne C.

Prayers for my brother for both spiritual and physical healing. And for my whole family to rely on God through these difficult times.

Pray for Anne

Cassie C.

Prayers for peace for a friend who is awaiting some news.

Pray for Cassie

Kathryn R.

Asking for protection and strength for our doctors and nurses and for my family and friends whose health is most vulnerable during this crisis Sharon, Molly, Katy, Karen and Candace.

Pray for Kathryn

Daniel H.

Prayers for my mom Suzanne in Tulsa who recently broke the humerus bone in her arm and for the last three years has struggled against Bronchitis. I am concerned because her lungs are not in the best shape to deal with the coronavirus.

Pray for Daniel

Patti S.

For the children who viewed school as their safe place and are now home with abusive families. For the healing of our communities.

Pray for Patti

Michael S.

For anyone impacted financially by the coronavirus. For those who have lost their jobs or suffered the loss of wages, and are struggling to take care of basic needs.

Pray for Michael

Aleli S.

For all world leaders as they make decisions for their communities. May the Lord bring them confidence and peace.

Pray for Aleli

Wayne L.

Pray for those who are sick and for those at the forefront of providing health services and care for the affected.

Pray for Wayne

Cassie C.

Prayers for the high school seniors as the cancellation of school is not a vacation it is valuable time they don't get to spend with their friends the last few months before they graduate.

Pray for Cassie

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